Our Mission & Vision

We aim to transform lives and impact our local community and generation through prayer.

Our purpose is to restore, engage, build and unlock potential in all individuals, including our community by sharing with them the love of our Lord Jesus Christ, fellowship, and the study of the word of God.

Our ethos is responding to the great commission and expanding the kingdom of God.

At Victorious Family International (VFI) Ministries we do the following:


We celebrate God’s presence by showing our gratitude, demonstrated through our praise and worship.


We communicate the word of God by reaching out to as many people in our local community and wider society by emphasizing on building a Christ-like character through discipleship.


We give an opportunity to all individuals, especially those in our community to join our warm fellowship to be part of God’s family.



We educate and help to transform the lives of as many people in our community that are willing to build Christ-like character through discipleship.


We recognize and demonstrate the various forms of ministry by equipping, encouraging, preaching, interceding, counseling and teaching the word of God to all including our community.