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This need for survival and power would drive these two men to kidnapping, torturing and murdering innocent men women and children. Finally, his trial officially began in October 1998. The only common thread between the victims was apparently their vicinity whether out of laziness, convenience, or some combination of the two, the men never looked far for a target. The ensuing investigation soon unearthed the gruesome fact that Lake, along with his accomplice Ng, had been quietly and horrifically torturing some 25 people in a remote cabin in Calaveras County for the past two years and that was only the beginning. She learned that he was not being fed enough food and was living in a bedroom that did not have any heat in it; she without hesitation moved all of her children back to Hong Kong. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Deborah told her friend that she had to end the conversation, as two men who were interested in the items had arrived at their home. After his parents divorced when he was six years old, he and his siblings moved in with his grandmother. Since he fired his council his new lawyers had to petition for time to prepare; this would add two and a half years to the actual start of proceedings. Ends early August 2022! Donations are accepted but not expected; the site remains free-access to all. Though his grandmother appeared to be a source of support for the children during their parents separation, it seemed that she may also have been a catalyst for Lakes depraved personality. This show of brotherly love would delight the divided family members who were caught in the middle; sadly this would just be a farce and no one would see Donald Lake alive again. The most anticipated witness who was called to the stand was Claralyn Balaz. Bettman/Getty ImagesLake poses with a dog from the hippie commune he lived on in California. We know that they killed her husband Lonnie Bond and their infant son Lonnie Bond Jr quickly and kept her alive to torture her. Deborah, Harvey and Sean have never been heard from again. Donald Lake - Leonard's brother. These are not the kind of flimsy magazines or tiny paperback novels that you are accustomed to. Each giant issue is perfect bound and chock full of true crime articles, artwork, letters, documents and more. Many of the bodies had been dismembered and burned, making identifications of the victims difficult or impossible. But before long, the woman hed married found out about his sordid interests. Select this result to view Deborah J Dubs's phone number, address, and more. This separation would bring a heavy financial burden onto his mother, who had to move what was left of her family into a low income area to make ends meet. When Geralds roommate came home he discovered Jeff was missing along with all of his guitars and amps; nothing else is known about what really happened to Jeff Gerald. 4122 Medbury Drv, Wesley Chapel, FL 33543-6916 is the current address for Deborah. Lakes childhood was extremely unusual to say the least and all things considered it really is no surprise that he would grow up to be a monster. A pistol and a silencer were discovered inside the car. Again similar to Lakes own past, Ng only lasted one semester. This treatment would make Ng very withdrawn from the rest of his family and begin lashing out with numerous acts of rage and rebellion. The first thing police noticed when they arrived on the property was a cinderblock structure adjacent to the cabin. Meanwhile, new figures obtained by reveal the federal government's vaccine injury compensation scheme has approved just 16 payouts in six months of . Collectively, all the items they found belonged to 25 different people. He reportedly told authorities that Ng was his partner prior to his death several days later. 1028. It is also packed with unusual trivia, exclusive interviews and much more. Lake took issue with Gunnars obesity and the fact that he received government checks, but mainly he hated how Gunnar abused his daughters. Things went from bad to worse when Lake handed over a drivers license that bore no resemblance to him and when it was discovered that the man in the license, Scott Stapely, had been missing for several months. When friends or relatives stumbled across the cabin looking for their missing relatives, Lake and Ng would lure them into the dungeon and mercilessly torture and kill them too. Toggle navigation. Since there was no evidence to prove what happened, the bunker did not provide many answers it just seemed to create questions. The stolen car had a bullet hole in its visor which is undeniable evidence that Paul was shot. Lake arrived at the store and tried to pay for the vise, but ended up face to face with police officers who asked to see his ID. During his time in the marines, he kept to himself and only talked to people while practicing martial arts. One prostitute would later come forward telling the tale of being raped by the duo. Post comments: . Claveria, Jenna Keefner, Kelci C. Magel. mr rosson royal surrey hospital. Self - Murder Victim. White blouse with red horizontal stripes, dark slacks, sandals or brown loafers, and a leather purse. Not being deterred, they expanded their search to the outside premises and found various personal items like belts buttons watches etc., Leonard Lakes creepy journal, several burn sites with what looked like bone fragments, vehicles belonging to a couple of Lakes neighbors and a plastic barrel with a V.H.S tape inside. Leonard Thomas Lake (October 29, 1945 - June 6, 1985)also known as Leonard Hill and a variety of other aliaseswas an American serial killer. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. deborah dubs injuries. While Ng was away Lake converted a piece of isolated property into a holding cell for his future slave girls or M Ladies as they would be known (M Ladies is a direct reference to the character of Miranda from The Collector). best planned communities in the south; why nurses don t want covid vaccine. Ng had fled to Canada after the shoplifting incident in San Francisco. We now know that Ng wrote these letters in an attempt to deter people from looking for their loved ones. The horrific ordeals were often filmed by Lake. It all started when Leonard Lake read a book that inspired him to kidnap and enslave young women to keep as his personal sex slaves. He met and married a woman named Claralyn Balazs, affectionately known to him as Cricket, who he met while working at a renaissance fair. As it turned out, the ID belonged to a man named Scott Stapely, who had been missing for weeks. At the police station he only surrendered his real name and the name of the shoplifter after receiving a glass of water and a piece of paper to make a statement. We see him going as far as telling her to literally suffer through her dizziness, telling her if she passes out they will simply wake her up again. It would not be long before Ngs mother would learn that her only son was not being treated well in his new surroundings. What he got instead, was an accomplice. When he became obsessed with pornography and started extorting his sisters to perform sexual acts, she didnt lift a finger. deborah dubs injuries. The clerk caught him and held him back, threatening to call the police. Brenda O Connor, Lonnie Bond and Lonnie Bond Jr: Brenda O Connor was the second woman on the M Ladies tapes. In the 1980s, a simple shoplifting investigation led police to the bunker of Charles Ng and Leonard Lake and inside they found a house of horrors unlike any in American history. Fifteen of them remain missing. Knowing that the type of woman he was attracted to (one that was very young, thin and physically attractive) would not necessarily go for an older bolding over weight man, Lake decided to use many different kinds of tricks to lure women. However, the owner of the Greenfield Ranch halted these plans and forced Lake to take them elsewhere. She stated that during the rape they grabbed a knife and started to stab the mattress by her head. We know now that the friend that came to pick her up that day was Leonard Lake, who instead of bringing her to Mikes side took her to his cabin of death. In mid-June 1985 Calaveras County police officers began searching a suspicious looking concrete bunker hoping to figure out a puzzling suicide that occurred days earlier during what should have been a routine questioning. Unidentified bones and human remains associated with the murder spree of Calaveras County serial killers Leonard Lake and Charles Ng in the 1980s were exhumed last . From there, Ng began to spiral out of control. Biden sent: Nothing, nada, zero zip, not a thing, not even himself Biden admin didn't even think of sending anyone or anything until Trump announced he was going With Matthew Rosvally, G.R. White metal watch with leather strap and a wedding band. Despite being introverted Ng made a few friends, one of which shared his love of guns and also had a survivalist mentality; Matt Novak. On February twenty-third 1985 he was dropped off at his apartment after rehearsal and was scheduled to meet the next day to audition bass players for his band. Understandably as he works his way back from injury, Cousins has been wildly up and down in this series, averaging 12.5 points and 8.0 rebounds in the Warriors' wins and 4.3 points and 2.3 . For a limited time, take a sneak peek at the new, in-progress version of this page. Justice For Charles Ng? Carolyn refused to let officers search it saying it was merely a bomb shelter and would not help them in any way. The tape simply labeled M Ladies showed two men that we now know as Leonard Lake and Charles Ng imposing their will onto defenseless women under the threat of death. He was a rebellious child who consistently performed poorly in his classes, which enraged his father. Post author: Post published: June 10, 2022; Post category: why does mayella begin to cry the first time? From the initial creepy stalking on the street, the physical conversion of a home into a prison, the undetected kidnaping and finally the young girls premature death, the reader is taken on a unique journey into the mind of a man who wants nothing more than to have a slave. The two men would hold both male and female victims in the six-and-a-half by three-and-a-half-foot cinderblock bunker with only a bucket and toilet paper inside. Lake would be pronounced brain dead on the way to the hospital and subsequently died three days later. To his delight, he discovered that his wifes family owned a cabin in the woods which they were more than happy to rent him. Leonard Lake was born on October twenty-ninth 1945 in San Francisco California. His two daughters would do very well in this highly structured environment but Charles would barely pass his classes or fail them completely. Charles Ng Chi-Tat was born in 1960 to hardworking parents, Kenneth Ng and Oi Ping, in Hong Kong. Courtney Wood Lake poses with a dog from the hippie commune he lived on in California. Lots of action on the Dubs injury report. Randy Jacobson: Jacobsons body was found on the property incased in lime. VIP vs DUB Match Venue: Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai, UAE.. VIP vs DUB Pitch Report: This is a bowling pitch, a total of 85 matches have been played on this pitch, in which the team batting first has won 39 matches and the team bowling first has won 45 matches.The average score on this pitch is 144. bowling first after winning the toss would be the right decision. The same neighbor observed an unidentified vehicle drive away from the Dubs's apartment on July 26, the day after the family disappeared. In 1978, after finishing high school he moved to San Francisco to live with an aunt to study biology at Norte Dame College. The sex captives were aged anywhere between 12 and 20-something, and only six of the women featured in these home . Charles Chi-tat Ng (born Ng Chitat) (Chinese: ; Jyutping: ng 4 zi 3 daat 6; born 24 December 1960) is a convicted Hong Kong-born serial killer who committed numerous crimes in the United States. Unless in bed, I must never look my master in the eye, but must keep my eye downcast. For the next eight years, Lake lived on the ranch with his wife and continued feeding his deep, dark desires. With little emotion she acknowledge she understood the conditions and was forced to strip so they could see what they bought before she was to take a shower with Charles Ng. In June of that year, while on a trip into downtown San Francisco, Ng attempted to shoplift a vise from a hardware store. The mission of Waypoint Adventure is to challenge youth and adults with disabilities to discover their purpose, talents and strengths through the transforming power of adventure. This is truly a one of a kind collectors item for anyone interested in the macabre world of true crime, prison art or the strange world of murderabelia. The two men moved into a remote cabin that Lake was renting near the Sierra Nevada foothills. Thats right. Indeed, Ng and Lake did not discriminate when it came to choosing their victims; they took anyone they could get their hands on. The pliers he used to rip off nipples, inserted a power drill attachment up vaginas, shoved rods up anuses, and broke knuckles with vise grips.