dizzygirlJanuary 22, 2006 in Dysautonomia Discussion. Gosh, I wish I didn't have insomniac problems! I have had numerous feelings of the floor moving, of things moving in front of me such as countertops, and the feeling as though someone pushes me from behind to the ground but yet I'm standing still. Ive been dealing with a troubling symptom for over a year. I'm sorry that you had these spells too. Sometimes when I take a nap, and sometimes in the am, I feel druggedLike I am not all awake yet only it is much yuckier. I had ct SCAN and all ok thank God. or is it something dangerous. This is just a facet of the methods we use in fixing your sinking floor. I see your gynae said you can't be in pre-menopause because your periods are still regular. I have heard others found out the same thing. I thought it was depression! Patient aims to help the world proactively manage its healthcare, supplying evidence-based information on a wide range of medical and health topics to patients and health professionals. Hope you can get to the bottom of it soon. The new floor is like a rollercoaster to walk on (the floor people claim that it must have been like that before - it wasn't!) I have had a CT scan of my brain already and it checked out good. But when the symptoms came back after the rehab, we figured outit was the POTS after all. Mine became heavier and more frequent for several years before menopause, then stopped quite literally from one day to the next. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Copyright 2022 Dysautonomia Information Network I don't want to pump vitamins in when I know I get enough naturally. Is It Safe to Live in a House with Foundation Issues? It started when I was in 4 th grade and I'm 53 now. Its when i let go and I am just about asleep. If you have bought a lot of furniture or something more substantial like a piano or maybe you might have added an extra feature on your cabinet, it will add extra weight, which will make your floor to sink. Accept the symptoms for what they are and try to talk deep slow breaths when you encounter these symptoms. Has anybody got soultion for this symptome? It is more like not understanding where my body is in position to the room. Job stress, home, family? This unreality feeling that the earth is moving under your feet is way of showing you that your life is out of control. I get those same symptoms too. In the vast majority of cases, this causes walls to bow inward and outward, which is usually very noticeable. They depend on the weight of your house, to push the piers down. Although I don't take niacin separately anymore, shortly after this incident I added a high-quality B-complex vitamin as a regular supplement to my diet and have been taking it ever since, so that also may be linked to why I never had a relapse. I had to go out of town to find such a doc. Moreover, they are also quite affordable, making them economical to use. Anxieties and fears are often felt as a physical sensationa knot in the stomach, a tight throat, a "sinking feeling" or some other unpleasant experience. I can't leave work ) : But I'm going to ER after work to get CT SCAN or MRI last MRI I had was less than 1 yr too too it off I was just told I have gallstones in gallbladder ) : That's painful and makes me nauseous and my stomach bloated. This however is not a bad thing but if we don't grab hold of it, it will grab us and cause all sorts of physical symptoms and additional anxiety. Do not copy or redistribute in any form! Karmaberry99, us folks with anxiety, we have trained our brains to overreact to almost everything. I wish she were talking to me, because the more she speaks to me, the more my heart flutters like a rising phoenix. I had to eventually just say to myself "if its anxiety then good I can do things to make it better and if its not then ohwell - ive had enough now. The first step in fixing your sinking floor repair is having it inspected by a professional, from an efficient certified repair company like Ground Up Foundation. I felt so sick to my stomach ..i wanted to get up. Thank you! Much of the time I felt like I was on a boat that was going over large swells. My Gyno did not test me. the scariest feeling though is the feeling like the ground is moving when I am walking. Usually it only lasts for a few minutes. Ive experienced the type of dizziness your describing, as well as other types of vertigo. Will find a good ENT (didn't like the last one I saw) and look into the various things people suggested. I used to have a GP who was a 'retired' heart surgeon from the Mayo Clinic (his idea of "retiring" was that he and his wife moved from Minnesota to Southern Calif. and opened a family practice where he was the doctor and she ran the office ). A GP (PCP if you're stateside) should be able to order it. I have had this in the past. I sort of blew it off as nothing, but maybe it wasn't nothing. I don't lay down unless I'm ready to go to la-la land. When it happens I feel very unsteady although I have never fallen from it. Sitting or lying down is fine. "Serious structural damage could occur . The only meds i am on is Synthroid. It's a zone where the ocean floor is sinking into the interior of the Earth, going deeper and deeper until it melts. The hug is essentially an assortment of pains and sensations around the muscles between your ribs. Ask our community of thousands of members your health questions, and learn from others experiences. Hopefully I will have a cause of my vertigo and a solution. It can be a hazard and cause costly damage throughout your home. Hope you all are having a good day no matter what . I have several forms of Dysautonomia that are often comorbid with Lupus. Pasted as rich text. The earth around your home is sinking. Notes on i have been feeling unbalanced and it feels like the floor is moving or sinking, https://patient.info/forums/discuss/i-have-been-feeling-unbalanced-and-it-feels-like-the-floor-is-moving-or-sinking-601700. They send messages from your brain and . I had it almost continuously for about three months. I also have ringing in my ears which got a lot worse this year after immediately the Vax, which can happen in people with meniere"s disease. Down By The River Where The Hanky Panky; Scott Lang And Maggie; La Crosse Sign On Information Transfer Unsuccessful As my cardiologist says, he believes me when I say I have these weird symptoms that come and go because neurology is a crude science and they just do not know much about it! I get disoriented in my space. They are also beneficial because they also provide a permanent solution to your foundation sinking problems. We have many years of experience in offering specialized services in foundation repair, concrete leveling, crawl space repair, and concrete leveling. It feels like I am choking or gasping for air and falling / sinking at the same time. But then it just went away. As I'm walking, I feel a sudden intense feeling as if the floor just dropped an inch. It took me many doc visits and years to finally get a proper diagnosis. Hi there! Has anyone gone through a period of time where it was very intense? What's POTS? All rights reserved. -Karen Quan and Jarod Kintz". I felt like I was doing slowly flipping upside down yuckfelt like I was on a raft just swishing back and forth. Plus I really don't like the potential side effects. Do you feel nervous most of the time daily? Normally your body produces adrenaline when you are in a scary situation and then it will calm down and go away when the situation is over. i did an MRI scan, nuro said MRI scan is fine and OK. while i am happy that my MRI is okay. Is their any solution to it or not? I'm off by an inch or so. Floor and Wall Gap Solutions. It doesn't happen most days. Ive had lupus for 5 years but this stated recently about a month ago. MedHelp is not a medical or healthcare provider and your use of this Site does not create a doctor / patient relationship. 2023 MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands. It feels like my body 'drops' inside for a split second. Attach the air inflator needle to the tubing nozzle of the expanding foam spray can. I dont have the off balance feeling but just have the dreaded feeling inside and cant shift it at all. They are usually few and far between cause they specialize in this area. Its easier to get better if you fully understand whats actualky going on inside your body to cause these physical symptoms! I am on blood thinners as of May and thought maybe anemia was causing this or some other symptoms. But apparently not. Sometimes it will feel like my feet will fall through the floor then other times will slowly sink into it. I'm 19 and a female. But unfortunately even the ent said if all is well ..we will never know . My vision is perfectly clear. I'd like to Welcome you to this safe and caring forum. I will ask my Dr. A negative thought that was fed by my fears. Neurotologist deals with inner ear and vestibular system, connections to the brain. Yes, I've had bloodwork done a bunch of times recently-- no anemia. My face hurts even my jaw. Has anyone found any relief. I'm trying to figure out because it's keeping me from working, and even getting out 19 thinking I might have this for the res of my life really sucks but I think I might accept it always having feelings I'm falling and things are moving I can't do this it's not fare on me. Glasses you will experience vertigo at a more intense level. Last night it even felt like my throat was tight. Stomach discomfort. I have found people's comments helpful-- I think I'll make an appt with an ENT. It's different than this newer vertigo I'm experiencing. I started with both of those but still needed more. It rattles my brain for a moment this is constant all day everyday . Sometimes we get to rem sleep too fast or we wake up in rem. No further fellow up needed. I awaken every few minutes and it is exhausting and depressing. Xx, Thank you so much for commenting I panic for pretty much everything but I think is because anxiety made me this way, I will definitely keep you posted on my journey I really appreciate it. its driving me crazy for 3 mothns now. Bumping this thread because I've been feeling this on and off for a few months now, it's the strangest feeling ever. respect of any healthcare matters. Drill a small hole, on a floor seam, using the 3/32 drill bit. Usually, you'll be jolted awake by the sensation that you're dropping off a cliff, or you've just had a fall and are about to experience a painful landing. "A toilet moves because the subfloor has become so decayed that it no longer securely anchors the fasteners that hold it . There's been so much weird body stuff that it's easy to forget some of it. No, it hasn't been mentioned exactly. Voila! An MRI doesn't involve any radiation. I would be sitting there watching tv or reading a book, and suddenly it was like I was fainting and falling to the ground but I was perfectly still, or dropping in an elevator, like I was falling and moving towards the floor but everything around me was staying where it was even though I felt like I was . It can start suddenly, as you step down onto the area feeling unsteady, and then you notice that the floor no longer lies flush with the walls. Still get light episodes on occasion. By using this Site you agree to the following, By using this Site you agree to the following, The Best IOL for 2022 RXSight Light Adjusted Lens, Will refractive surgery such as LASIK keep me out of glasses all my life. Anyone experience this and know the cause? Upload or insert images from URL. No attacks in the AM. Once the stress went down, they were less frequent but still happening often. I'm exhausted by 4pm and I'm having terrible back pain. I had the aches for a good few weeks. Go on to anxiety centre and click on physical symptoms of anxiety. It only lasts a few seconds. It lasted awhile, I don't remember how long because as you might knowwith anxiety, one goes away only to be replaced by yet another physical symptom. If your house is built on a solid foundation, it will be able to stand for decades without giving you any problems. I have twitching in them, the floor feels like it is moving, or that it is unsteady. Some of our solutions include JES Slab Piers and IntelliJack. Good luck finding an answer. Feeling sad or empty. This can cause the stomach to feel like it is "dropping.". It is in about a 3 foot by 3 foot section of the . 1. Starting with our breathing, our way of thinking, our fear begets fear, trying to fight the feeling of terror which does nothing but keep us in a state of, This unreality feeling that the earth is moving under your feet is way of showing. 5 years ago, feeling like the floor is sinkingashtoreth worship practices. About 20 years ago I had a tilt-table test because I felt like I was going to black out when I was eating or at random times. I recently came off Ativan (1mg once or twice a day for the feeling of having the floor bounce up for just a few seconds while walking? Fever 100 Dr said with migraine blood pressure can go up. I don't know how to say it exactly. I'm really hoping it's not neurological. Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. yes i was to my endo yesterday. I felt like I was on a boat or something like sinking into the ground with every step I took. . When I am really sleepy, although they are scary, I can fall back asleep just minutes later for the same thing to happen again. Primarily, when you start noticing the gradual slanting of your house to one side, then your floor is sinking. We would stop and everything was rocking . Normally, when a home becomes unlevel, you'll be able to find more than one tell-tale sign. you that your life is out of control. Just complete this short form or give us a call at. (I almost forgot about the ear thing. It is anxiety and it will go away. Your muscles are tensing up etc without you even realising.. Google adrenaline and cortisol also.. these are all the things i researched when I felt this way. This is anxiety. If you don't address it, the sheetrock in your walls can rip and tear. This is generally caused due to reduced blood flow to the brain, leading to poor oxygenation of the brain. A sinking feeling in the chest can refer to anything from merely feeling bad about an event to experiencing intense anxiety, also recognized as the feeling of impending doom. is your stress level high? The Benefits of an Encapsulated Crawl Space, What Ceiling Cracks May Mean for Your Foundation. However, keep in mind that you may need to just tighten the screws on your door hinges, or check to see if the . The ENT says I should see a optometrist. It takes practice but it can be done. True. MRI is magnetic and ct SCAN is radiation . This information describes peripheral neuropathy, including its causes and symptoms. That smushy soil perimeter around your house or patio isn't just a sign of poor landscaping it could mean that a serious water leak or drainage issues are at play. Your responses are so helpful and I really appreciate it. Hope you figure out what that is. Same thing you describe. Your body is stuck in a state of fight or flight. Ironically though, once you learn to accept anxiety as not harmful, the symptoms, Anxiety likes the game it plays with our mind. Your previous content has been restored. The average for my generation was about 51-52, but mine came quite naturally at age 45, and I had several years of symptoms before that. like did you feel like the floor suddenly bounced ? Although the age of menopause is steadily moving back, it still happens relatively early in some women. I'm sorry, this sounds really hard. Thank you for this comment! Sounds like seeing an ENT is a good first step. Feeling faint or loss of conscious (partial or complete) can lead to feeling off balance when walking. It's not dizziness. 610 W. Burton St Murfreesboro, TN 37130 I'm not suggesting that all your symptoms are caused by pre-menopause, but if you are in this phase it could be making everything worse. My legs from the knees down feel stiff. Not necessarily every day, but several times a week it happens to me. Our experts at Ground Up Foundation Repair, point out the following reasons, as the leading causes of a sinking floor. I was shocked to see this post. My neck hurts my head hurts ..its a constant swaying motion sicknessnaseous . 03:06. I had these spells for a couple years, then finally I was referred to an ENT and an audiologist. I do not have Vertigo. In my case it was nothing to be concerned about. Causes People with BPPV may. Send you a bill. Generally, the most common symptoms include persistent pain, a feeling of heaviness or pressure in the pelvic region, pelvic spasm and discomfort that can range from mild to severe. I'd much rather have an MRI than a CT scan, which involves a lot more radiation than most ordinary X-rays. it's a good sign but it still bugs me to know that the cause it is unknown, Floor is moving, like on a boat OR the floor is sinking. Actually, MRIs aren't harmful at all, unless you have a pacemaker or a lot of metallic implants in your body. Falling dropping sensations, such as feeling like your body is falling downward like in an elevator even though you aren't actually going down, are common symptoms of anxiety disorder, including generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and others. gave me a standard field sobriety test, dubbed it as "labyrinth-itis" and advised me to "take time-released niacin and it should go away in a couple of weeks."